Thank you for celebrating 918 Day with Tulsa Whimsy. Our new shipment of pillows will be here soon.

Meet Annette

Annette MurrayAnnette, a Tulsan who loves teaching, traveling, and textiles, created Tulsa Whimsy because of her love of Tulsa history, art, education, literacy, cooking, and entertaining.  "I grew up in a  home blessed with positive people surrounding me my entire life.  I wish to give back to my community using  history, art, education, and gifts that teach others about Tulsa, Oklahoma."

Annette’s e-commerce business includes products that relate to Tulsa's history.  Some are textile based.  Some are simple yet beautiful home decor items that compliment any style of  living.  

Annette is a former educator and librarian, event planner and caterist, writer for all ages, and community volunteer in the Tulsa area.  When she's not creating products for her new  business Annette is working at The Vista at The Boathouse, a new upscale restaurant at The Gathering Place.  Annette and her husband, Kevin, travel to Santa Fe several times a year.  "We love the culture, weather, arts, eclectic dining, museums, people, and beautiful setting of Santa Fe.  It's a city that reminds us of Tulsa.  A city full of magic and unexpected surprises."