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Why Pop Up Shops Work

I'm a consumer who enjoys shopping.  Almost everywhere.  From quaint, local shops in my home town of Tulsa, to big, bustling businesses in large cities.  When I'm traveling, I love  hitting a well-known chain store when I realize I forgot something.

Now I own a business and have chosen to forget the storefront, save revenue and get creative on where and how to market my goods.  Tulsa Whimsy is an online business for consumers looking for creative gifts, home decor, and stitch kits.  I know online commerce works.  I'm a subscriber to many businesses without storefronts.  I rely on weekly or monthly updates to educate myself on what is new in their store or read their blog on research that validates why I should by a certain product.

I enjoy all aspects of my business.  The quiet, creative time at home dreaming of products that reflect Tulsa's art and history.  Creating many pieces in my online store in the privacy of my home.  I love learning from other local business owners who, like me, ventured into a world of commerce to make a difference. I have a team of young professionals I consider my sound-table.  Those who know the social media world and online customer thought process.  I get energy and ideas from our discussions and move forward with my business plan.  It's always evolving.  Just like art and history -  two major components of my Tulsa Whimsy business.

I've found a combination of social media and Pop Up Shops has enhanced my business.   For me, a Pop Up Shop is: 

*temporary storefront space
*operated by online merchant
*customers see products first-hand
*allows owner to reach new customers
*found more in big cities  (Tulsa, New York City, Denver, London, LA)
*a small scale shop means owners know customer needs
*in good location that attracts shoppers

According to Shopify, an online commerce application, temporary retail - also known as Pop Up Shops - are expected to generate $80 billion on annual business.  Research shows us how simple marketing and selling techniques enhance business by using social media and the Pop Up Shop idea. 

I advertised my Tulsa Whimsy Pop Up Shops using social media and found this innovative approach to sell my goods to be extremely efficient - and successful.  I have a presence in the community for a very brief time, usually 4-8 hours in a space where shoppers are visiting for other purposes.  I showcase my products, visit with customers, explain my love of Tulsa and the products I sell.  I meet the consumers and listen to what they enjoy in my shop as well as other locally owned businesses.  I get to meet clients and sell at the same time.  It's a win-win scenario!

A Shopify blog that answered all my Pop Up questions is Pop Up Shops 101: Everything You Need to Know to Try Temporary Retail.

I hope you'll join me at my upcoming Tulsa Whimsy Pop Shop. Check website for upcoming events. 




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