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The TULSA Whimsy brand set the stage for me to write stories that children love. My business reflects who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going.  As an entrepreneur, I promote art and history of Tulsa. Two years ago I began studying the lives of leaders who were dreamers and doers in my hometown. I love the people, places, and positive energy in my city and I love being an author who writes about  people with a Tulsa connection as well as historic Route 66 highway. 

Literacy, travel, cooking are my passions. I dream, think, write, and cook whimsically. A lifelong learner who began writing puppet shows at the age of 5, I stepped into the role of author early. My love of storytelling continued into grades K-12, college, and grad school while I became an expert in K-8 language arts curriculum. I liked being a K-3 teacher.  I LOVED being a school librarian! 

I am passionate about literacy and my business, TULSA Whimsy! As a Tulsa City County Library volunteer for the past four decades, I know the significant role libraries play in our community. Currently I serve on the Tulsa Library Trust.  Nothing makes me happier than watching the TCCL staff, volunteers, Friends group, and thousands of patrons work together to create a magical, literary presence in Tulsa.

I can tell these stories because Tulsa is my backyard;  full of memories, stories, people, struggles, celebrations, and hope. I love writing and telling stories that connect people to a cause or another human being.

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