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Bring Color into Your Space

What colors do you surround yourself with in your home? As I reflect on different homes I have lived in I remember color schemes. As a child I grew up in a home with warm, earth tones. Pretty greens, blues, and rust. My mother should have been a stylist for the home because she was always playing with color. In furniture, paint, accessories, and art.

As a young wife and mother of two I began experimenting with color in my homes. The first risks I took with color in the home were usually in my kids’ rooms. I loved painting Andrew’s room a slate gray with white trim. It was the perfect background to the cowboy-like fabric I found for bedding. We were lucky to have gray carpet to work with. Adding the gray paint allowed everything else in his room to stand out: toys, red painted dresser, fun red bandanas tied on branches for window treatment, and the bold blue backed fabric on the bed.

Pink was perfect for my sweet baby girl. Claire’s baby room was the perfect palette on which to paint an array of pastels just for her happy little spirit. I gave no thought when transforming the tired baby blue walls of her nursery into a huge rose pink collage with turquoise and yellow paisley swirls and fuchsia polka dots. It was not too far off from a Mackenzie-Childs coffee mug; swirls of color dancing among her play area, toys, wicker dresser, and pretty rocker.

Know what colors you love and how they make you feel. It’s best to bring small samples of color into a room like pillows, accessories, throw rugs. If you live with this new look and love it, keep it. It may be conflicting from the minute you add it to a room. If so, then change it up or pair with another color of pillow or art. Remember that the eye adjusts to change just like the heart.

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