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My To-Do-Daily-List for COVID-19 Days

My To-Do-Daily-List for COVID-19 Days

Since the country began staying home and sheltering in place in mid-March I created daily rituals that keep my thoughts and activities positive.  

*plan quiet time for thinking and relaxing

*create simple meals and snacks

*focus on friends, families, neighbors who need to visit

*Be creative indoors by trying one of these:

 *rearranging furniture 

*re-shelving your library 

*re-purposing pillows in new rooms

*hang pictures or artwork in new places

*plant new flowers on the patio

*tidy up one room a day

*Try something new outdoors:

*plant something new and different in your garden

*take your workout outside

*listen to new music on a new station as you walk

*plan a lunch or dinner on the patio

*take a brisk walk

*sketch your backyard

*take pics of plants & landscapes and post on social media or Pinterest


Remember to stay informed about city regulations and national data.  Watch only what you need to know but not for hours at a time.  Remind yourself you are a hero by staying home.  Wear your mask in public. Tell healthcare workers and essential workers you appreciate them.  We will get through this pandemic and be forever changed.

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