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My Favorite Season of All

When the air becomes crisp and cool, when dusk arrives earlier and earlier, when sweaters appear, and leaves begin to fall~this is my favorite season of all.

Many events take place to mark the transition from summer to fall.  Schools start classes again.  Restaurants change menus for fall.  Football season commences.  Outdoor dining is offered at my favorite cafes.  My wardrobe changes from sleeveless and cool to cuddly and warm.

The foods of fall are my favorites.  Root vegetables roasted with sprinkle of oil and salt/pepper.  Soups and stews simmer on a cool afternoon.  Kids voices can be heard in the neighborhood as they extend their playtime outdoors.  And Halloween decor pops up everywhere!

The mystique of Halloween foods, candy, and cocktails intrigue me.  Not only the colors but the delightful displays of pumpkins, jackolanterns, cauldrons, and glassware make me happy to greet another October.

Have you walked barefoot in the fall on a cool afternoon? I recently planted pansies and enjoyed the lovely green carpet under my feet as I created a fall garden of purple, yellow, and white pansies amidst my favorite cabbage leaves.  

Mornings seem more crisp.  Afternoons linger.  Starry skies fill the evening with a canvas of darkness.


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