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Meet Annette LaFortune Murray, Author of Picture Books

Tulsa Whimsy website is launching a literacy blog for readers and shoppers.  Book talks, book reviews, librarian news, indie bookshops, and my latest love, picture books will be featured on the blog. I will jump right in and tell you I am climbing the hill, taking the risks, and learning every day how to think, act, and be an author.  Shortly after I started my TULSA Whimsy business, I realized there were stories to tell about the history I was promoting. Short stories you can tell someone at the grocery store. Long stories I needed to write to capture all the events I was learning about. 

I write picture book biographies that introduce readers to lesser-known people who have accomplished great things in their lives as well as have character traits that appeal to all ages. My stories contain whimsical writing with a twist of information that inspires the reader to ask “What if?”  “Could I?”  “Would I?” “Should I?” “I wonder if” when the book is finished. 

Route 66 was created with purpose and passion in 1926. Currently, I am writing a non-fiction picture book about a famous highway in America that was and is still an icon in the world of travel. Over time, the road grew more and more popular with business owners and tourists from around the world. Five  decades later the newer interstate highways bypassed Route 66, leaving it in the dust. But not for long. The magic of Route 66 is still very much alive today.  My current picture book biography is about the Father of Route 66, Cyrus Avery, and the many obstacles he endured while creating great things for Tulsa, Oklahoma. I want to be known as the author who introduces Cyrus Avery and Route 66 to new generations of readers. 

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