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Let's Talk about the Tulsa Flag

The Tulsa flag is featured on several products made by Tulsa Whimsy or for this new online business.  As the owner I created a few products that needed to be manufactured with the flag design  (journals and pillows).   I also have my hand on several unique products that I designed specifically for my business  (hand painted needlepoint canvases and barnyard wood collages with jewels and beads that I create in my home studio).

Let's talk about the Tulsa flag design.  The designer of the Tulsa flag, Jordan Michael Winn, entered the flag contest for all citizens of Tulsa early in 2018.  There were several thousand entries.  Winn's simple yet meaningful design won and was later approved by the City Council on Oct 3, 2018.

Here are the colors/meanings of the Tulsa flag:

BLUE    A bright royal blue fills the top half of the flag.  This ties to the Arkansas River and the development that has occurred over the years near it.

BEIGE   A warm beige fills the lower half of the flag.  This represents the warmth and calm feeling Tulsans have when discussing their community.

RED   The bold red Native American shield is located on the left third and center of the flag.  This shield has a white star in the center.  This is to honor the courage and history of the early settlers in our state. There are three gold feathers at the bottom of the shield.

WHITE   The white six-pointed star represents a bright future for people of all ages living in Tulsa.  The six-pointed star is also consistent with the art deco architectural style found in many buildings and homes of early Tulsa. 

GOLD   The vivid gold band that runs midway from left to right on the flag symbolizes the importance of oil in the Tulsa area.  Black gold played a large part in attracting attention from people around the world to Tulsa. 

Now you know how to explain the  Tulsa flag products at Tulsa Whimsy when you purchase one for yourself or as a gift. 

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