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Inside Tulsa Whimsy

My idea of Tulsa Whimsy, a small online business and pop up shop, began when the  new Tulsa Flag was announced.  The citizens of Tulsa had voted and the winner was the bold, primary color design representing elements of Tulsa history and the people of our city.  Graphic artist, Jordan Michael Winn, is the Tulsa flag designer who tweaked over a dozen designs to come up with what is now the winner.

As I shopped in locally owned business I found merchandise with the Tulsa flag popping up all over town.  Brookside, Utica Square, Cherry Street, Pearl District, and Brady merchants were all selling something with the easy-to-the-eye flag design.  Shot glasses, t-shirts, coffee mugs, decals, ball caps, tumblers, and real flags to fly on your home flagpole.   Winn says, "It's a gift to the city.  If they want it, cool.  The new flag is a nod to the Oklahoma flag."

It wasn't long before I began to envision the Tulsa flag design on other products that were sure to adorn homes of Tulsans and those visiting.  I wanted a journal with the Tulsa flag.  I began visiting with printers about my idea.  This new image was a hot topic in the printing business in spring of 2018.  It was easy to replicate because the artist released all copyright options to the public; in fact he encouraged citizens to be creative and develop ways to share his creation with others.

After the Tulsa flag was produced and ready for sales I was ready for my first pop up event in mid-town.  Clearly the unique 100 page, spiral bound, journal I had developed was a hit for the holidays!  I sold over 200 journals in 2 days with the help of my online store.  This is the beginning of Tulsa Whimsy.  I look forward to sharing additional products I have created and some that are in production, soon to be available in spring of 2019.  Like Jordan Winn, I am a believer in the city of Tulsa and am showcasing the flag to bring attention and awareness to the rich history and talented leaders in my city.

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